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What is wrong with this country?

Posted by unbeelievable on September 8, 2009

My friend is one of the subjects of an article in Newsweek (check it out! I am SO proud of her)

… and was asked for interviews by CNN, radio, and stations like NPR…

…and she turned them down.

Why? Some white supremacists that read her article became obsessed with her, looked up her facebook profile, looked up her address, and began speculating about her choice of husband and made threats against her family (she’s got an adorable little toddler…seriously.. cutest kiddo ever).

I am so, so sad about that. They have won, in a way. It makes me so angry. And I can’t fault my friend — she is trying to protect her family from people who are clearly psycho. I would likely do the same thing.

All I can do is hope that their time for spreading hatred is limited… that at some point it will be come so atypical–so out of the mainstream–that nobody will bother.

Please read the article! I think it makes for an interesting discussion, no matter what side you are on. Just don’t be on the side of “na-na-na-na-nahh, I’m not listening!”

And yes.. it has been a long, long, long while since I have posted. Basically I have been miserable at my job and have given up blogging for a time. I hope that will soon change. I had a lot of drama in early spring that turned my life around and I will blog about it at some point. I’m finally to the point (almost) where I’ve clawed my way out of the dark depression that I have been in for months.. ironically after my “The Secret must be bunk” post. Maybe I was paying a karmic price for that one?


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