Acquired Taste

Sweet, salty, bitter, and sometimes delicious.

About me

I am…

  • pseudo-wife and “mom” (to two doggies)
  • in my late 20’s
  • gourmand on a budget
  • living in a construction zone
  • hoping to write a book someday, but clueless how to start
  • happy
  • sarcastic
  • analytical
  • easily frustrated
  • a procrastinator to the max
  • trying to figure out this thing called life

7 Responses to “About me”

  1. Mercedes said

    So what is the official name of your new puppy? I just gotta know so when I come over here to view her pic I can talk to her-lol!


  2. gr8tful said

    Waving to unbee and Mer!!!! HUGS!

  3. Mercedes said

    waving back!


  4. Goldie said

    I would like more info…. how did it all go??? we are dying to know!! and how is that adorable puppy?

  5. Are you a graduate? Isn’t it cool, all the attention that Dooce has received lately?

  6. gr8tful said

    Hi ya ladies! HUGS!

  7. Goldie said

    ooh, new blog name… LOVE it!

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