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Things my cousin has texted me in the past week.

Posted by unbeelievable on October 6, 2010

My cousin and her husband are going through a slightly…messy divorce. Somehow, even though I don’t have a clue about divorce or how to get out of bad relationships, I have become the chief adviser in this situation. So I am getting a lot of fairly interesting texts (most of these are randomly sent, almost like twitter updates or something). Anyway, read on…

I told him i wanted a divorce and he said no we are working this out. And then he threatened me and said that i don’t want his family involved he will take everything and the kids. His parents have more money than me. [wow, way to play good cop/bad cop in the same conversation!]

…and I was told i better not lock the door. I locked it anyway f** him people lock doors when they sleep. [as it turns out, he just broke in anyway]

He is prob having an operation tomorrow maybe he will just die. [this is how bad things have gotten. I don’t think that they are going to “work it out.”]

This is some scary stuff. And for a gal on the verge of getting married, extra scary!


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