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The “secret” must be bunk

Posted by unbeelievable on March 15, 2009

I’ve been thinking about “the law of attraction” quite a bit since I watched the PBS special on it.

After careful consideration, I’m positive it can’t be true.

-I have imagined myself dying in horrible ways thousands or even millions of times. I’m a worrier. If the “law of attraction” made my thoughts come true, I would have been in about 50 plane crashes, 2000 auto wrecks, 6000 shootings… you get the idea.

– That ex-boyfriend who broke my heart would have definitely begged for me to come back a few times.

– I would never have cut my finger with an immersion blender. Who thinks about THAT?

In any case: I think that positive thinking does work and is a good thing. My cousin, for example, spends basically 99% of our phone conversations relaying how everything is awful for her and will not get any better. As a result, she’s been living a pretty miserable existence for years.

And we all know about those lovely positive people…you may recall my friend telling me that everything would be okay when I lost my purse… that the universe would take care of me.. and then we found my purse in the trashcan will all my vital stuff inside? Now THAT was the closest manifestation of the secret that I’ve ever seen. Coincidence? Magic? Nah. I think that her positivity caused her to keep looking, to never give up (even if the situation looked hopeless). Positivity is not a magic pill, but it’s always a good idea.


3 Responses to “The “secret” must be bunk”

  1. gr8tful said

    Hey there, I also believe that postive thinking is important!!
    It sets the tone for your whole day!! Sending love and hugs
    to you this blessed day!!

  2. gr8tful said

    Just wanted to say hi and send you hugs from
    me to you!!

  3. Goldie said

    I think that we see in others what we expect to see, and draw to ourselves what we expect in a certain way, but not in the spooky metaphysical way they say. I’m sorry, worrying about a traffic jam will NOT get you stuck in a traffic jam! (the video suggests it will)
    BUT if we expect people to treat us badly our actions bring that out in them. If we expect them to treat us well we have confidence & kindness.
    If we expect to do well at a job we will work even harder and be more innovative. If we expect to fail we have defeated ourselves before we even begin.
    Positive thinking IS very important, it IS key, but there is no magic to it. Just goodness.
    And I feel saddened for your cousin. by spending so much time focusing on the bad she has sapped any energy she might have to see the GOOD.

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