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The power of intention?

Posted by unbeelievable on March 10, 2009

I’m watching a show on PBS now about “the power of intention.” The principle (“the law of attraction”) has gone around in several forms, including a very popular book called “The Secret.”

Basic assumptions

–thinking about things causes them to come into your life (and the converse argument)
–a mysterious universal force is the source of all life, beauty, creativity, etc. (note: not God, necessarily)
–when you are not in harmony with these forces, you are stopping this force from working in your life.

To get “in tune” with the forces, various methods are suggested… visualization, meditation, controlling what you say, etc.

I think there are grains of truth in this argument, but it is so self-interested. Quitting smoking, attracting wealth and love, etc.


One Response to “The power of intention?”

  1. Kemi said

    “The Secret” makes me think of Mary Kay.


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