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Exes and the Cyberworld

Posted by unbeelievable on March 6, 2009

I don’t know how y’all are, but when I break up with someone, it’s almost like he ceases to exist. I’m not the kind of girl that stays friends with her exes.

So there are several…3 by latest count…that have disappeared from my life…and now, thanks to the miracle of facebook, returned.

Why do they insist on befriending me? No good can come of it.


5 Responses to “Exes and the Cyberworld”

  1. Kemi said

    Ha ha ha… that’s what “block user” is for. 🙂

  2. If you’re interested in being on Oprah, she’s planning a show on Facebook etiquette. Your opinion would be a great contribution!

  3. I’ve remained friends with my ex’s and have friended them on myspace or facebook, although I spend my time mostly on facebook.

  4. writebrite said

    I am totally with you! You are going along quite nicely in your life, then *bam* some random ex from a million years ago wants to “catch-up.” There is a reason we stopped communicating way back whenever, so why start up again now?

  5. gr8tful said

    I signed up for facebook but haven’t really gotten the hang of it.
    I think it’s hard to find female friends from years ago and I mean
    YEARS ago. Because females last names change. Oh, well. I’ll have
    to go back and give her another try.

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