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Posted by unbeelievable on February 19, 2009

I was making some carrot soup for dinner. “Don’t cut your finger off!” my boyfriend jokingly warned over the phone as he heard me slice through the carrots with my knife. “Oh, hush” [CHOP!], I said, “I’ll see you” [CHOP] “soon.”

Carrots finished, I add them to the pot with chopped celery, shallot, and herbs. It’s starting to look and smell delicious. But it needs something more.

I decided to be a bit creative and make a cream/celery root/horseradish topping for the soup. I get a tiny bowl and put the mashed celery root (leftover from Valentine’s Day) and added a bit of cream and freshly grated horseradish. Then I get out the immersion blender (stick blender) and put it in the tiny bowl. Hmmm, it wasnt getting very smooth. I kept adding cream and it still wasnt smooth.

So I make the fatal mistake of turning the immersion blender over. Ah-ha–there’s a chunk of celery root inside! I put my finger inside to get it out…

..and accidentally hit the on button with my other hand.

It’s only been a second when I turn it off, but the injury is grave. “Oh God, oh God, oh God….” I repeat as I run around looking for a paper towel.

I will give a summary of what happened next, as the gory details are, well, gory.

I almost…but not quite…cut my finger off above the last joint. I thought I had cut it off because I cut the nerves and couldn’t (still can’t) feel it.

The ER doc was incredible and worked on my hand for over an hour. She was only able to “approximate” where to make the stitches, though.

My boyfriend rushed to the ER and held my hand the whole time. He made me laugh, helped the doctor, and was very, very supportive. I was too scared to look, so he watched the entire process and told me what was going on. That’s love.

My boyfriend’s brother came over with bleach and gloves and cleaned the house before I got home. “Was there an ax murder here?” he joked to us over the phone. I owe him big time for that one.

My dog Coco flipped out when I came home from the ER. She jumped around and whined and licked me over and over and over. I guess she knew something bad had happened and was glad to see me. It was really sweet… love that dog.

Izzy, on the other hand, repeatedly tried to bite at my bandage. Damn dog.

So anyhow, it’s about 36 hours later. I’m going to a hand surgeon later today and am pretty nervous about it.

I’m annoyed because this entire thing was the result of an absolutely boneheaded move.

Fingers are incredible. Be thankful for your fingers today! I know I am thankful for all ten of mine.


3 Responses to “”

  1. gr8tful said

    Oh my girlfriend, be careful. We all get boneheaded once
    in awhile!! I know I do!!! That’s a great guy you got
    there…..I keeper!!! Now PLEASE be careful and no more
    accidents!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS!!!!

  2. Goldie said

    you should have seen me jump almost out of my chair, shuddering. POOR THING! how terrifying. so glad you don’t need surgery. heal quickly.

    my dad got his finger smashed once, in between a sailboat and a dock in a windstorm. HE needed surgery…

  3. The same thing happened to me last Thanksgiving! I’m so glad I’m not the only one! You can read about my horrible incident here:
    How has your finger healed? I still don’t have full sensation.

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