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25 Things

Posted by unbeelievable on February 6, 2009

This is going around on facebook, so I thought I’d post a list here for y’all.

1. I was born in San Angelo, Texas, and have retained a love for chicken fried steak, devil’s food cake, and West Texas style Mexican food. I also have a West Texas accent that mostly stays in the closet, although I will never stop using the word “drug” as a verb, “fixin’” as an indicator of something I’m about to do, and of course, y’all already know that “y’all” is so much better than saying “you guys.”

2. I always wanted a sister when I was growing up. So much, that in 4th grade, my best friend Arica and I went as far as changing our last names on our homework to match. To explain, I just said my parents were getting a divorce. Seemed reasonable to me at the time, but my parents weren’t too thrilled with the teacher’s phone call that followed.

3. Even though I didn’t have any brothers or sisters, I had dogs…lots of dogs…when I was growing up. My parents are now “down to” having “only” six dogs.

4. My most embarrassing moment involved accidently taking my shirt off in the middle of gym class, with somewhere between 50 and 100 5th graders watching. It was horrible – and memorable enough that someone mentioned it to me in my senior year of high school.

5. I grew up in a community and with a family that is pretty reserved. I still feel awkward giving people hugs if I don’t know them really well, and was completely freaked out when everyone in My boyfriend’s family started saying, “Love you!” every time I saw them/spoke to them on the phone after they first met me. I will die of shock when my parents say “Love you!” to Him.

6. Until some of my friends’ weddings (couple of years ago), the only weddings I had ever attended in my life went like this: 30 minute ceremony –> go to reception room at church –> wait for the bride and groom to finish picture-taking –> eat cake and drink punch –> end of wedding. As a result, I’ve never wanted to have one of my own.

7. I still want to do something ridiculously silly and romantic when I get married. A few days ago, I pitched the idea of walking across northern Spain to Santiago (a very famous pilgrimage that people have been doing since the middle ages). My boyfriend said he would do it if we could ride a motorcycle instead of walking. I don’t think they allow that. 🙂

8. I am disappointed with every episode of “Top Chef” but cannot stop watching it.

9. Everyone at work thinks that I am crazy-organized, and I am, but only at work.

10. I canceled my orthodontist appointment this week because I haven’t been wearing my rubber bands and didn’t want the orthodontist to yell at me.

11. For Christmas, one of the gifts my boyfriend gave me was a popcorn popper (we have no microwave). I use it at least three times a week and mostly make it popped in sesame oil with liquid aminos (kind of like soy sauce) topped with a heavy dose of cayenne pepper.

12. Having a microwave just seems dumb to me now that I’ve lived without one for a few years. Then again, having cable seemed dumb before, too, and now I am addicted to freakin’ Top Chef (oh, and Big Love… but I love that show).

13. I was doing studies in a molecular biology lab about alcoholism while I was living with someone who was alcoholic. Ironical!

14. Yes, I know ironical is not a word. But I just read it in a paper and it cracked me up over and over, so I use it now. I also call the placebo effect the “place-bow” effect for similar reasons. There are many people out there who probably think I’m dumb, but who cares. **actually, apparently ironical *is* a word, just a weird word that nobody ever uses…interesting**

15. My Pandora radio station is so schizophrenic, and I love it.

16. My dad’s favorite joke is this: “No wonder they call it a whale! Look how big it is!” I still don’t know what that means.

17. One of my high school boyfriends made me promise never to “do drugs.” Months later, he made me mad and I told him I smoked pot, even though it wasn’t true. I guess I can be sort of vindictive.

18. “I’m like what? I’m so not redddaaay to do my observations yet!” [student walking by my office just now. Future educators of America, people.]

19. I have met several girls who have told me they “don’t like girls.” I find that very strange. First of all, they are saying it to a girl. Second, what? I could not survive without my girlfriends. They make life so much more fun and interesting.

20. One of my primary roles in the house-building project is being the “Hey, could you go get…?” girl. Only I don’t understand building terminology, so my boyfriend has learned to speak my language. Yesterday he described some sealant as “a little package of squeezy stuff.”

21. If I’m not talking to you and you’re not sure why, you might be crazy. I avoid crazy. Only exception: if you are crazy and funny, I will forgive the crazy part. Funny people are the best.

22. Giggling uncontrollably is what makes life worth living.

23. I ate at a place called “The Stinking Rose” in San Francisco and was vegetarian for 6 months afterward (I had beef stuffed with tons of garlic…the aftermath was not pretty…) I would still be vegetarian if not for my boyfriend and his mad cooking skills. I eat vegetarian at least 50% of the time.

24. I don’t understand people who tell me they “hate” or “can’t stand” Austin. Again, why are they telling me this?? Guess what, I’ve lived here for 11 years, so I probably like it pretty well. Also, Austin has its flaws, but overall, it kicks ass.

25. I am ridiculously, unfairly blessed. I can’t think of anything that I need or want (except for a margarita….is it happy hour yet?)


4 Responses to “25 Things”

  1. Kemi said

    This is a great list! I’ve loved reading them on Facebook. I guess I should do one of my own, huh? 😀

  2. Mine’s up on facebook and I did it here as a Thursday 13. I just couldn’t think of 25 MORE things. Look me up on FB with this email address.

  3. Goldie said

    # 19. I get it. I WANT to like them, but am not a “girl’s girl”. I don’t TRUST girls, I encountered too much cattiness in High School so am still cautious. I could relate more to the guys. Which is prob why God have me 2 sons.
    I do have female friends, but it takes me a while to get really close enough to want to go to the bathroom in a group with them.

    #21. Ohhhh, so THAT’s why you haven’t been by my blog in a while. 😉 Would it help if I told you I am funny?

  4. Hi you two ! It’s been forever! Glad to see you both. I’m gonna go visit your blogs now. 🙂

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