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Need Bridesmaid Dress, Help!

Posted by unbeelievable on February 5, 2009

I’m going to be in a wedding in June and I desperately need help choosing a dress. The bride doesn’t care what we wear as long as it is from David’s Bridal and in Victorian Lilac. I would prefer to have something I can re-wear, but am not sure if that is impossible or not (I have been in two weddings and have never re-worn the dresses)

Help! There are actually three pages of dresses; here is the first one.

What do you guys think?  What would you choose?


12 Responses to “Need Bridesmaid Dress, Help!”

  1. Have fun choosing! I like Style: F13062 personally. You need to take an “http” out of your link so that it will work properly.

  2. I am kind of leaning toward 81591 for re-wearing purposes and my friend likes the one next to it.. they are on the next page.|-49998975|-49998973&colorName=Victorian+Lilac

    But I agree, if I give up on re-wearing the dress, F13062 is pretty cool.

  3. nancy said

    I really like the first one.

  4. Kemi said

    I love this one:


    I love the dress FW picked out– it’s so glamorous!

    The one you chose is very Hepburn-ish and classic. It’s beautiful.

    How are you going to choose? 🙂

  5. You know what I did? I read “as long as it is” and jumped to the conclusion that the dress had to be long. LOL. Oops. I like the short one that you chose (81591).

  6. Goldie said

    hey, you’re back!!!! I have a 10 year old dress from DB in lilac you can have, lol.

    hope the house thing goes well.

  7. gr8tful said

    I love this one……..Style JB3115.

    I think so far I am the only one that likes that one. LOL

  8. gr8tful said

    Oh I did like this one too as a second choice….F13062

  9. writebrite said

    If you are planning on wearing it again, I’d defiantly go for something shorter, unless of course you frequent ball type events or the local proms. 🙂

    Can I ask…how do you feel about the color? I just got engaged and am trying to pick colors that I like, but also that my bridesmaids won’t absolute abhor. I’m thinking lavandery-lilacy-purple for one…but I don’t know if anyone actually wants to wear a gown of that color…what do you think?

    • I think it is really hard. I need to actually try the dresses on before I am sure. I have a dress in that color of purple, but it is made of cotton and we all know cotton is WAY different than these satiny fabrics. I think black is a safe color, but that isn’t really a typical wedding color. I need to take a few hours off of work and go try on a dress, and then I will tell you! 🙂

  10. I was in my brother’s wedding and we wore black bridesmaids dresses. They were very nice, and can easily be worn again, but our shoes were painful!

  11. High Hopes said

    I like the shorter ones 83259 or f13128. Some of the longer ones reminded me of negligee.

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