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Top 10 Great Things About the House

Posted by unbeelievable on February 1, 2009

10. Working outside on beautiful, sunny days

9. Knowing how houses work. I may not be able to actually fix anything, but I might be able to tell you what’s wrong.

8. Sanding and staining wood. It’s methodical and it’s neat to see the finished product.

7. Picking out things like stone, tile, bathtubs, and flooring

6. Knocking down drywall. This part is over 😦 but it sure was fun!!

5. The dogs love running around the new place.

4. Designing the house ourselves. My kitchen is exactly where–and the size–that I want, etc.

3. Getting to be amazed daily by my boyfriend’s building skills.

2. Saving one of the vintage homes in the neighborhood.

1. Building a life with someone is so much more tangible when you’re literally building a home together. We built and placed the threshold today. Feels like a big step. We’re getting there.


One Response to “Top 10 Great Things About the House”

  1. Kemi said

    I can’t wait to see pictures of the finished product!

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