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Izzy the babysitter

Posted by unbeelievable on August 27, 2008

I never knew that lil’ Iz would be so useful!

Yesterday, I was charged with watching a friend’s 6 month old daughter for a couple of hours. Now, I love kids, but babies? I have no clue. I had never even watched a baby before yesterday, and let me tell ya, I was nervous.

Luckily, Izzy had my back.

Evie (6 month old pictured here) is obsessed with Izzy. At only 10 pounds, Izzy is smaller than her, for one, and she’s sort of spazzy and admittedly entertaining anyway. So for the first hour, all that I had to do to keep Evie entertained was…nothing. She cooed at Izzy, and anytime Izzy came to sniff her, she would kick at her, sending Izzy running for the hills, and sending Evie into peals of laughter. Watching a 6 month old laugh is a beautiful thing.

Almost makes me want one myself. Almost.


2 Responses to “Izzy the babysitter”

  1. Goldie said

    Aww, so cute… BOTH of them! Now we finally know your doggie’s name too.

  2. Hi Miss Goldie ! I am so glad to see you, and I am going to go say “hello” on your blog! 🙂

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